CentOS Debian FTP Server Network Proxmox Security Shell Windows

Set a range of ports in iptables

How to list a range of ports in iptables config file you can read there

Linux kernel & processes

To check a kernel by Linux

Quick tutor how to get data about linux kernel

CentOS Debian Security Shell

ssh without a password but with key file

it is so comfortable to avoid using a password to get ssh access


Windows 2019 startup issues

If settings by an application can not disable run this application on start app or you seeing some remains that are starting when system boot or user login, please take a look to these clues

E-mail server Linux kernel & processes

dovecot limitations

if you are faced with process limitation

CentOS Nextcloud

CentOS 7 network address

Permanent changing network setting in the CentOS 7 we can do in:

Proxmox Shell

VM don’t stop or shutdown in Proxmox

When you are faced with issue time out in case of sending stop or shut down VM within the console or GUI let’s try to kill process belongs to these VM

CentOS Linux kernel & processes Network Security Zabbix

Firewall config for Zabbix on CentOS

What ports we should open to having access to Zabbix web GUI, Zabbix Server and Agent communication?

E-mail server Linux kernel & processes Shell

Postfix queue and other tips

To see message’s queue we can use the command:

Nextcloud Security Ubuntu

SSL on Nextcloud snap

Enabling a legal https (443 port)