CentOS Debian Linux kernel & processes Network Security Ubuntu

Short lines to check open ports

Network Security

Mikrotik ports forwarding quick notes

CentOS Debian FTP Server Network Proxmox Security Shell Windows

Set a range of ports in iptables

How to list a range of ports in iptables config file you can read there

Security Windows

Handling user sessions on Windows

Where we could set time limits in behavier of users session on Windows?


WordPress password changing in the DataBase

it is a simple way to change the password if you can’t reset it through the embedded password recovery procedure

CentOS Debian Security Shell

ssh without a password but with key file

it is so comfortable to avoid using a password to get ssh access

CentOS Linux kernel & processes Network Security Zabbix

Firewall config for Zabbix on CentOS

What ports we should open to having access to Zabbix web GUI, Zabbix Server and Agent communication?

Nextcloud Security Ubuntu

SSL on Nextcloud snap

Enabling a legal https (443 port)

FTP Server Linux kernel & processes Security Shell

vsftp write permissions enabling

After installation ftp server vsftp we have to make enable users writing permissions

Linux kernel & processes Network Security

Checking open ports

A simple and quite often task to check open ports on a Linux host