Firewall config for Zabbix on CentOS

What ports we should open to having access to Zabbix web GUI, Zabbix Server and Agent communication?

It has to be open ports 443 (https), default Zabbix Server 10051 port and default Zabbix Agent 10050 port

$ firewall-cmd --add-service={http,https} --permanentfirewall-cmd --add-port={10051/tcp,10050/tcp} --permanent


# firewall-cmd --add-service={http,https} --permanent # firewall-cmd --add-port={10051/tcp,10050/tcp} --permanent # firewall-cmd --reload

Checking is open ports or not in telnet

# telnet 10050 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. Connection closed by foreign host.

in the same way, we check port 10051

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