Technologies & Service

Which IT remote services do we provide?

  • IaaS platforms and software installation/reinstallation.
  • Systems and security accounts policies management.
  • Network configuration and firewall installation and maintenance.
  • Servers monitoring operation systems, applications and databases within an installed agent.
  • Configuration management.
  • Backup servers and workstations service and recovery reporting.
  • Anti-Virus and PC management software with daily anti-virus updates.
  • Desktops remote systems administration services.

What about non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements (NDA/CA)?
We always strive for the utmost transparency in all of our dealings. Protecting Customer Data and information is a fundamental tenet of our business model. We are ready to negotiate and sign an NDA with you on win-win terms for both sides.

How do we work? Discovery – Design – Develop – Manage
Regarding customer needs and goals, we understand existing infrastructure and application requirements.
We design plans and provide consultation for customer infrastructure.
The development stage consists of building, deploying, and integrating your current and desired systems.
We provide system administration, management of customer infrastructure.
Everyone part of Discovery – Design – Develop – Manage could be provided separately in order of Customer requirements.

Who are we? Collective skills list, skills level, and experience in the technologies:
Operation systems: Linux and Windows operating systems family and Network routing & protocols
Services: LAMP, LEMP, Mail Servers.
Applications: Web applications WordPress, NextCloud, phpList, Ejabberd, CRM & ERP systems, etc.
Monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios, PRTG, Monit, Grafana, etc.
Backup: rsync, bacula, Veem, etc.
Orchestration: Ansible, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes.
Virtualization & Clusterization: Hyperv-V, VMware, Proxmox (LXC), Docker.

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