Mikrotik ports forwarding quick notes

For example, we need to give access to DVR by CCTV (Hikvision).
And we know that access to DVR (Hikvision) for client applications it supports through port 8000 and 554, moreover we need to have access to the web GUI by this DVR on port 81.

In anyway on practice to perform security terms you have to change default ports to some other.

So, we have installed Mikrotik router with, embedded RouterOS v6.45.2 (stable).

After logging on it has to be open “Firewall” tab : IP => Firewall=>NAT

In the NAT tab it has be added new NAT rule within button Add New

Where it has be edited on this way:

Chain – dstnat (destination NAT)
Dst.Address – public IP or some another interface IP which has to give access from outside
Protocol – in this certain example is 6 (tcp)
Ds. Port – desired access port from outside

Then scroll down to finish this port forwording settings:

Section: Action
Action – what to exactly to NAT
To Address – what is IP address by the device in LAN (DVR in this sample)
To Port – WEB GUI access port by DVR
and in Comment, we can name forwarding setting

At the end of edition setting we have to save them to press on OK or Apply at the top of this new forwording rule.

For port 8000 and 554 it has to be repeated in the same way.

Please be free to ask me any question.

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